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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Survival Tips for the Sandwich Generation

It seems like many clients, colleagues, or acquaintances I encounter have become or are becoming caregivers in some capacity. While most anyone may find themselves caring for a loved one, caregiving offers a host of challenges unique to those of us nearing retirement.

Many people looking toward retirement become members of ‘the sandwich generation’ – working adults still caring for kids or college students who must also become caregivers for aging parents. “It’s a stage of life that is hard on finances and can drain you emotionally as well,” notes Lauren Hill, co-author of, which offers tips for caregivers. Hill offers a few suggestions for adults who find themselves in this group:

Make time for yourself – It may fall to the bottom of your list as you struggle to find time and resources. But you need to relieve stress and stay positive. At least once a week, plan a date night with your spouse and/or an outing with a friend.

Keep lines of communication open – Talk openly with all those involved in your situation. Share your struggles and goals with your spouse, but also with siblings and other relatives. Even those living far away may find ways to share the caregiving burden.

Look for and accept help – Turn to your kids and even friends who know your parents to help with visits and errands. And learn to say no when asked by others to volunteer for more than you can handle.

Look for resources – Look for supportive groups in your community, such as a respite program or in-home caregivers. Your parents’ doctors may be a good source for finding local resources.

Visit with professionals – Ask a pharmacist if you have questions about medications your parent is taking. Talk with a financial planner to help protect your family’s financial future. Consider talking with a therapist to help ease your stress.

Eat a nutritious diet – Three meals a day packed with protein and other nutrients will help give you needed energy.

Squeeze in time for exercise – Even 10 minutes a day can increase endorphins and improve your mood. Walk the dog. Take the stairs. Dance to a tune on the radio or practice a few yoga moves.

Allow room for mistakes – There will be times when you and your parent – or your spouse, or your kids, or your sister – may find yourself at odds. But even if one of you “loses it” now and then, dwelling on mistakes won’t help. Forgive yourself – or others – and move on.

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